Mayaya Designs

Handmade Jewelry Designed for Unique Styles


Bendana McCausland

Welcome! My name is Gloria and I am the founder of Mayaya Designs. The idea of Mayaya Designs started a few years ago when I decided to take handmade jewelry classes to try something new. Designing jewelry became more than a hobby, I found myself fascinated by the materials and ability to use my creativity. My inspiration comes from the beach, faith, and nature. Each unique piece is made with precious gemstones, beads, gold and silver plated material. I am more than excited to share my inspiration in each unique piece of handmade jewelry with you! All customized and made with love.

Fun Fact: my family calls me Mayaya and that's how the brand name was born.

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Mayaya Designs offers quality handmade products designed to complement unique styles.